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Importance of ghee made from Cow Milk

Importance Of Pure Ghee Made From Cow’s Milk- Some Facts According To Ayurveda And Modern Scientific Research One of the most important constituent of vegetarian and satvik diet is ghee. Subtle effects of pure ghee made from cow’s milk can be depicted as given in the illustration below: As the ghee; made from cow’s milk is sattvik, the flow of Divine Principle is attracted to it. A ring of Divine Principle (mula tatva) is also created and activated in the ghee. Flow of Divine consciousness (Chaitanya) is attracted to the ghee. Through this flow, a ring of Consciousness created and activated in the ghee. Even particles of mild Chaitanya are also created in the ghee. Particles of Chaitanya are spread in the environment. Proportion of vibrations in the ghee made from cow’s milk: The table below highlights the spiritual importance of ghee made from cow’s milk. As it is most […]

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