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What Makes The Panchgavya Important for Medical Science?

Panchgavya is concocted by mixing Cow’s milk, Curd, Ghee, Urine and Dung together. Every ingredient of Panchgavya has immense medicinal value. Of these ingredients Cow’s milk is of foremost valuable as it makes complete balanced and nutritious diet. It is considered to have nectarine qualities. It is sweet, cold, destroyers of vatta, pitta, and blood imperfections in constitutions. Even the curd prepared from cow’s milk is full of vital potentiality.       The butter milk made from this curd is easy to digest and destroys the bilious reaction. Cow’s ghee (the clarified butter) is especially significant as it is beneficial for eyes and increases the vital force by imparting physical strength. Go-mutra is known for its efficiency in curing liver disorder. The chemical analysis of go-mutra reveals that it jas potassium, magnesium, calcium, urea, ammonia, chloride, creatinine, water and phosphate along with other constituents. Gau-mutra destroys kappha, pain in […]

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Why Should we LIGHT A GHEE LAMP DAILY at Home or Work Place

Light a lamp of pure ghee at HOME and Work Place How Importance the DIYA(Light with Cow’s Ghee) produces spiritual energy and divine blessings. Lighting a ghee lamp in front of one’s alter is a very spiritual practice. A ghee lamp is simply made of pure cotton rolled into a wick, and immersed in lots of ghee, creating a candle when lit. The ghee lamp can be placed in a little earthen bowl made of clay. Daily practice of Suddh Ghee Lamp at home will produces Particles Of Energy AURA of Spiritual Emotions (BHAV) Powerful Rays of Energy AURA of Chaitanya of the nature of TEJ TATTVA (The absolute Fire Element) Important Note :: “Ghee” Must be from indigenous breed of indigenous desi cow. NEVER RECOMMENDED ( from HF, Jersey or  holstein etc breed) to get maximum results as per Hindu descriptions it must be from INDIGENOUS BREED OF COW. Who […]

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