Simple Home Test To Check Cow Ghee

Normally a question repeatedly comes in to our mind that what we are eating. Is it real or fake or just a chemical !

in case of GHEE we can test at home is it original or duplicate.

How can we test Pure Desi Ghee at our homes?

HCL test for Desi Ghee — Take a small amount of pure Desi ghee in a test tube, heat it to melt now add a equal amount of conc. HCL* and small amount sugar. Shake the tube hard and now wait for five minutes. Appearance of crimson colour in the lower acid layer shows that oils/ vanaspati ghee has been mixed as an adulterant. But if the colour of the mixture dose not changes which means that there is no adulteration.


What we are allowing into our body ? Real or Duplicate Ghee

So by performing this simple test at home you can easily find that the ghee you purchased is adulterated or not.


*Please take precautions and follow safety tips while using Conc. HCL as it could be injurious to you.