Importance of ghee made from Cow Milk

Importance Of Pure Ghee

Made From Cow’s Milk- Some Facts According To Ayurveda And Modern Scientific Research

One of the most important constituent of vegetarian and satvik diet is ghee. Subtle effects of pure ghee made from cow’s milk can be depicted as given in the illustration below:

Why Pure Breed Cows Ghee Important


  • As the ghee; made from cow’s milk is sattvik, the flow of Divine Principle is attracted to it.
    • A ring of Divine Principle (mula tatva) is also created and activated in the ghee.
  • Flow of Divine consciousness (Chaitanya) is attracted to the ghee.
    • Through this flow, a ring of Consciousness created and activated in the ghee.
    • Even particles of mild Chaitanya are also created in the ghee.
    • Particles of Chaitanya are spread in the environment.

Proportion of vibrations in the ghee made from cow’s milk: The table below highlights the spiritual importance of ghee made from cow’s milk. As it is most sattvik, apart from it being used for consumption, it is also used in ritualistic worship.

  • A ring of Conscious-filled Divine Energy (Shakti) of the Deity Sri Dhanvantari is created and is activated.
    • Particles of Divine Energy are also created and spread in the ghee.
Since Ghee contains Divine Consciousness hence it is protected from negative energies. However use of synthetic substances in the preparation of ghee or preparing it in a distressing environment, may attract negative energies from the environment to it.


Proportion (%)
Divine Energy (Shakti) 1
Divine consciousness
Divine Principle


Dhee kaanthismruthikaarakam balakaram medhokaram shuddhikrudvataghnam shramanaashanam swarakaram pittapaham pushtidam!!

It increases Intelligence; Helps in enhancing Memory Power; Rejuvenates the Skin from inside and increases its Glow; Boosts body Energy; Detoxifies Body; Normalizes Vata; Increases clarity of Voice; Normalises Pitta; Nourishes the Body; Improves Digestion and increases body Fire; Increases Quality and Quantity of Semen; It is very effective in disorders of Eye; Acts as a Good Rasayana; It is the best form of Fat.

Scientific Facts About Cow Ghee

The modern doctors recommend not to use any fat except cow ghee by a cholesterol patient. The use of cow ghee does not increase cholesterol. It gives no bad effect on heart.

According to Russian Scientist Sirovish, Cow’s ghee has immense power to protect human body from the ill effect of radioactive waves.

10 gms. of cow ghee used in fire sacrifice produces one ton of oxygen. When cow’s ghee is burned with rice it produces Etholine oxide, propylene oxide and Foramaladeyore. Ethelene oxide and Formaldehyde give immunity against bacteria which are used in operation theatre. Propylene oxide induces rain. Therefore, sacrifice done with cow ghee purities atmosphere and induces rain.

Healing Properties of Ghee

In ancient India, wells full of Ghee were especially for those who suffered wounds.Ghee is known for the quality of Ropana- healing, and its effectiveness in facilitating recovery from wounds.

According to Ayurveda, if a person has a chronic peptic ulcer or gastritis, Ghee should be used to heal that ulcer inside the intestinal tract. Ghee works wondrously on bedsores for the elderly or debilitated. It can be applied for broken bones and bruises. It is highly effective for all sorts of skin rashes. It is also used on burns of both fire and chemicals.

When used on the skin, Ghee softens and strengthens, protects and nourishes.

Some more significance of consuming pure desi ghee

While creating the Universe, God laid down rules about specific diets for specific beings. As per Nature’s law, the cow is purely vegetarian. Hence, consuming vegetarian food is abiding by Divine rules. Abiding by Dharma means following appropriate Code of Conduct of diet, enhancing Divine qualities and becoming capable of attaining Bliss. As a result of vegetarian diet the Sattvaguna in man is enhanced. Vegetarian diet accomplishes the task of making man Divine, that is, man begins to progress on the spiritual path.

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